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For the real 'Leienaar' !

This year the 3 October association
(3 October vereniging) is 134 years old!

For € 1.34 you will receive this envelope with the official 'herring and white bread' stamp. Order it with it!

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'Pilgrim Fathers' - 2009 and 2020

Prices are in Euros.

    sheet of 10
loose seal envelope
Pilgrim Fathers
2009 - 44 eurocent
limited availability
0,75 out of stock

A stamp appeared in 2009 because the Pilgrim Fathers settled
in Leiden 400 years earlier - in 1609.
In 2020 - also 400 years ago - they left Leiden for the new world,
so of course we will commemorate that again.

    sheet of 10
loose seal

 Pilgrim Fathers

2020 - 400 years



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